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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I move the Hug Glove® to a different location and hang it up in a new doorframe?
    Caution: No, this is not possible. The Hook adhesive along the top of the original doorframe cannot be removed and used again. The adhesive would no longer be strong enough to hold up the Hug Glove®. Be sure to plan accordingly when purchasing Hug Glove® for multiple locations.
  • How many times can we use the Hug Glove®?
    The two sections are completely reusable with one Caution regarding the Hook adhesive (outlined in the answer to Question #1). Ensure you follow our Hug Glove® Care Instructions. With proper cleaning and storage, the Hug Glove® will last for “heaps of hugs”.
  • Why do you recommend that I wear a face mask when using the Hug Glove®?
    The plastic sheeting of the Hug Glove® can be compared to a large plastic face shield between two people. According to Health Canada regulations, face shields do not replace masks and therefore, it is necessary to wear a mask in addition to a face shield. The use of a mask when in close contact with others will depend on current Public Health Regulations for your particular region.
  • Can I clean the plastic sheeting while it’s still attached to the doorframe?
    Yes, you can. Wiping down the plastic sheeting can be done while it’s hanging up or lying on a flat clean surface. Do whatever is most convenient for you! Read our Hug Glove® Care Instructions.
  • What is the yellow material made of?
    The yellow isolation gown material (Level 3) is made of a fabric that is 99% polyester and 1% carbon fibre. The fabric is completely reusable and has the following important properties: light-shielding, anti-ultraviolet, anti-wrinkle and antistatic.
  • What does the classification Level 3 mean for the isolation gown material?
    Health Canada classifies isolation gowns by Levels of Risk. Level 3 is a moderate risk classification. Click this link to learn more about the Level 3 classification isolation gown material used in the Hug Glove®.
  • Do I have to use a special detergent when I wash the gown material?
    Most standard detergents work well with polyester fabrics. Avoid a detergent that is formulated for deep stain removal. This might harm the quality of the fabric or fade the colour. Do not use bleach since it is too harsh for the material.

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Our Journey

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Made in Canda

After months of development, we found an amazing Canadian manufacturer to produce the Hug Glove™ 

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