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The Hug Glove® Story


During the Covid-19 pandemic, our family missed the hugs. So on Mother’s Day 2020, we gave my Mom the gift of a hug using our original Hug Glove®! 

This creation consisted of a large plastic sheet hung on a clothesline in our backyard. Garbage bags were used for the sleeves. We were all thrilled to be able to hug each other after months of physical distancing -- lots of laughter and tears!

Surprisingly, our home video and photos of us using the Hug Glove® went viral. News stations in Canada (CBC, CTV), as well as around the world, started featuring it as their “good news” story. Even Trevor Noah of The Daily Show and Some Good News with John Krasinski picked it up! In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, people wanted to hear a positive story.


It was as though the whole world needed a hug!

Now we have created a new improved Hug Glove®. This professionally manufactured product is made of plastic sheeting and isolation gown material.  Our design allows people to hug with more comfort and convenience since it uses soft material and hangs within a door frame. You don’t need a clothesline!


Our Journey

From start to finish, check out our journey to perfecting the Hug Glove® on our Instagram 


In the News

Our home video and photos made headlines around the world.


Made in Canada

After months of development, we partnered with an amazing Canadian company 

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