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Hug Glove® Features


Stay physically distanced using the plastic barrier of the Hug Glove®. The clear plastic allows an unrestricted view, and the gown material is soft to the touch made from isolation gown material. A long strip of Hook & Loop fastener connects the top and bottom, providing a seal. The two sets of sleeves are fully enclosed at the ends eliminating the need to wear gloves. Our unique design provides exceptional freedom of arm and shoulder movement in order to fully experience a warm hug! 

The Hug Glove® is easy and quick to install! There are no tools required, just a step stool to reach the top of the door frame to attach the adhesive fastener strips provided. Hug Glove® can be adjusted to accommodate a sitting or standing position.

100% reusable - We care about the environment and have worked hard to ensure that we are not contributing to the landfill. Clean before and after each use. View cleaning instructions

The Hug Glove® is easy to clean! The plastic sheeting can be wiped down with soap and water. The isolation gown material is easily removed and laundered in a household washing machine. 


We are proud to say that our product is made in Canada! We have partnered with a reputable company in Kitchener, Ontario.


Our Journey

From start to finish, check out our journey to perfecting the Hug Glove® on our Instagram 


In the News

Our home video and photos of our original Hug Glove® made headlines around the world


Made in Canada

After months of development, we partnered with an amazing Canadian company 

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